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Friends of Old
My last render before my vacation begins, lots of work put into the four new characters!

-- Inspiration -- 

You've noticed most of my recent artwork have been inspired by the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Right? Well, so is this one. The peepz at Nintendo released this beautiful artwork of Link and the four champions. For a while I've pondered to see if I should add more characters to this Arc the OC goes through. Just having him and Sarah felt incomplete, I needed more depth to this five year story. So, adding these four (Well five, but he isn't pictured) into this story really made it feel complete in my book. 

--- Process ---

It was a matter of finding the XPS model here on DeviantArt, creating sketches and then reference pictures. The three males underwent heavy modifications, Dowken (Buff yet robust man in the middle) the most as you can see. For him, I used Honda from Street Fighter IV or V as the base model, the head was from a Final Fantasy XIII, the rest was creating the hair, eyebrows and beard from scratch, making new textures that fits my cel-shade artstyle and modeling the bracelets, stone pieces (The plates around his waist were copied over from Solo's Aftermath model), and sword. Oh, the scarf is from a Ryu Hayabusa model (Dead or Alive.) 

Prio, the purple-ish blue guy uses a Jann Lee model as the base and a hair set from MoogleOutfiters here in DA. He's half naked, only having a pair of swim trunks. For this model, it was a matter of texturing the crap out of him. Unlike Dowken or Tapeh (guy on the far right) I went for a different style for him, I tried making his skin look fish like, which means I brushed in a gradient like finish to the texture. I then spent the next few hours just 3d modeling some armor, to ya know... Make him. Less naked-- After I did all that, I made his weapon which is supposed to be a spear of sort but I don't think I did a real good job at it. Never modeled a spear before, so I pretty much improvised. Looks like a halberd honestly instead of what I intended it to be. Oh, I also gave him some fins on his forearm as you can kind of see, his feet are also webbed and have been decrease to six digits instead of the usual ten. (Hybrid people, yeah!) Prio has a lot of normal maps, the armor take up most of the bulk really, and his skin was given some fish scale I found online, that and I gave the armor and his skin a nice shiney reflective map. 

Esu (Female between Sarah and Tapeh) was the easiest. She just got a retexture for the face, new set of hair (MoogleOutFitters again) and a sexy set of weapons. I would've done some more work to her, but she's just a regular human so there isn't much to do with that. 

Tapeh was a lot easier to create unlike Prio or Dowken. His base model is Ryu Hayabusa and the head is Noel from Final Fantasy XIII-2. The Noel had has been used a few times for other characters, it's easily interchangeable and whatnot. He and Prio literally have the same body texture, so I just removed all that fluff Prio had and gave him bare skin. Tattoos were changed up as well. (Same goes for the head texture, had to make a new one) Beak-nose thing was made from scratch, wings were came from a Witcher III bird and certain textures of the clothing were given new colors and whatnot. Bow was made from scratch. Can't remember where the set of hair is from.

I probably already explained how and what I used to make Nikolai and Sarah.

But yeah, was pretty damn happy how the new characters came out. May come back to Esu and spice her outfit up a bit, but I barely have time now. 

---- Story ----

I'm still working on the new character's story, so not ready to reveal it publicly. 

Nikolai, Sarah
, Dowken, Prio, Esu and Tapeh are characters developed and created by yours truly! :iconsolodarkblade:

Models were sourced mostly from :iconmoogleoutfitters: 

----- P.S. (4-16-2017, 5:13 AM) -----

I-It never occurred to me that Tapeh's nose had a portion unrigged, meaning it clips through his face. Which is rather noticeable--- Luckily I created a portrait variant of this piece and it doesn't have that problem as the original landscape version did. Haha...--- Anyway! The 'phone' version also has some new text added. (Sadly I didn't add my url since this one was a personal copy.)
Breath of the Wild: Master Sword of Resurrection
After spending eight days on this prop display, I can now deem it complete. How does it look, person?

--- Inspiration --- 

With the new Legend of Zelda title releasing in March 3rd (Basically tomorrow), I discussed a project that my local Makerspace could contribute with their 3D Printer. Before even receiving it, the president offered to try and get this sword displayed at Gamestop for the game's release. Knowing that chance, my motivation was skyrocketing! 

---- Process ----

When it comes to 3D printing, you need a 3D model. At first, I looked around to find any STLs of the Sword. I found two, but one was based off of Twilight Princess and the other a direct rip from Hyrule Warriors apparently. Ya see, when it comes to accuracy, I try my very best to achieve a 100 percent representation of the item, so the model from Twilight Princess wasn't going to work because the sword featured in BOTW is a slightly updated variant of Skyward Sword's design. Whereas the ripped model from HW is from the game, meaning it's low poly and a lot of detail was through the textures. So, I decided to 3D model one myself using Blender 3D. It was a day and a half worth of modeling, getting everything just right. (Although, I sadly missed a crucial detail only after I had printed, assembled and glued everything together. More on that later.) I received the printer, sliced everything up in Cura and started printing the pieces. 

The whole sword is comprised of seven pieces and I added an additional piece to extend the blade length because I noticed it was a tad short, but that's only because I hadn't added more length in the ricasso (The tapered piece that occurs under the triforce emblem), thus ruining the scale in a sense, the handle also lacks a bit in length too. But those two problems don't really detract from the prop unless you're a perfectionist like myself. 

Anyway, the guard was split into two haves to make it more structurally sound, the first half was seven hours in total, before that I printed the handle for a sense of scale. Printing the second half was saddening because the motors on the printer jammed up, causing a disturbance in the print, alas another problem occurred. Which was: the feeding tube. Not to worry tho because the printing Guru was there to help with answers and solutions. We met up and he handed me a new SD card as well as a replacement piece for the feeding tube's socket. Minutes after repairing the thing, I returned to printing the sword. With the second half completed, the blade parts came next. While those began to print, I spent many hours sanding, filling in any gaps with lots of spot putty and continued this process with each and every piece. 

Finally, the sword was completely printed, all I had to do was remove the support material, clean up the socket and socket holes and everything should piece together perfectly. Took a lot of tedious clean up work between those two portions but everything began to fit in place. Satisfied with fit, I glued everything together with some sort of welding glue, (It was something laying around in my Dad's tool box, pretty old actually but held up quite well.) Filled with joy on how everything came to be, I continued to sand off the dreadful support material. I had a hiccup that made my heart sink to the floor: the pieces began to break away from their adhesion. Luckily I asked before hand what I could use to weld PLA together, one of the recommendations were to use a wood burner and weld each part together. Having everything welded together, my mind felt more at ease and once again, back to the tedious sanding of the horrific supports. 

Got carried away though with the sanding and I manage to split one of the seams. Crap. Welding PLA is an easy task, so quick fix really. She was set, me and the sandpaper got back to work but being much more delicate to the piece. An entire night spend on cleaning the piece and filling in the gaps. But once I was finished, she was prepped for painting. I waited for the sun to rise, a painful wait but I managed to greet the sun. I sprayed my base coat of silver for both sides, and then with an hour passing, the purple coat was applied to the hilt. With the base coats applied, I took my share of sleep. Four hours later, I woke up and began painting in the golden accents of the ricasso and jewel. At the same time, I applied the gray corrosion onto one side of the blade as I waited for the gold paint to set. Many coats of gold later, it was almost ready, sadly some of the paint peeled off when removed the painter's tape. Damn. Nothing a little rusty lookin' paint can't fix--- Hehe... Anywho, between those gold coats I started applying the rusted color pallet to the sword. Going from a light brown to a dark brown-red mix and in time I received the final product you see pictured. I waited for morning once again to apply the clear coats and like last time, the sun greeted me with a smile and a gentle weather. The sword was 95 percent complete!! I took a day's worth of sleep and the next day (Wednesday) I head off to a friend to have him cut out a rugged piece of styrofoam from some boat for the pedestal.

Lots of figuring out how to get the proper triangular shape and we eventually got the basic shape cut out, and with that, we did the detail work like the bevels and sword slot. She was cleaned up and we started cutting the top plate with insulation foam. Easier to work with than Mr. Pellets. Few trial and errors with size and we managed to get the shape. Once all set, I applied some patching paste to remove the icky looking styrofoam texture we had going on. While this was being applied, I had my buddy apply the leather wrap which came out great for what we had, although, we had to paint it in with some green acrylic due to the leather being a brown color. One empty can of patch and I almost filled it in. Being such a thick coat, the dry time extended its average thirty minutes and we decided to call it a day. Today, (Thursday) we did the priming with Plasti-Dip but sadly ran out of it due to it being used on a previous project. Sigh. But I remembered! PVA glue works great as a priming coat. After searching for some, we applied what little we had to the any exposed areas. In time, the glue dried and we applied the textured paint. And we ran out. Dammit. Luckily I had my ride pick up a can from our Local Ace store, different color but didn't matter since I think it added a depth to it. We covered the thing and waited for the paint to dry. Bid farewell to my friend and stayed at the driveway to allow the paint to dry for me to handle. 

It dried, I grabbed it and took it home. Noticed that one corner of the top plate was lifting upward so I glued it back in place and after that, I did some quick dry brushing of green to give it a mossy look, not too happy with it, but hey, it's not the centerpiece really. The sword is, although I'd most likely apply some fake moss of sort later on in the future. 

Overall, a very stressing, elbow work project with a satisfying ending. Sure, few things are off but it's minor really. I love how this came out being my first official prop. I've learned lots of things from this, from 3D modeling, to painting, even working with styrofoam. (Which I'll never use again.) This 8 day was a lot of fun, I was pretty impressed how the painting came out as well as the pedestal for being a rushed piece. But now, it is time for the launch of the Nintendo Switch and the new Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I'm exhausted from this project but dammit, I gotta play this game for a few hours!!

----- Backstory -----

[Due note that the game hasn't been released at time of this write up, meaning everything written below is based on my own theory after gathering chunks of information from the trailers and certain articles]

Featured in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Both Link and the Master Sword have fallen in battle after trying to protect Zelda from the mechanical beasts known as the Guardians. With the Hero and the Blade of Evil's bane defeated, they must enter a slumber in order to heal from this conflict. Thanks to Zelda's efforts, she places Link into the Shrine of Resurrection and the Master Sword under the Great Deku Tree's watch, allowing the two to heal from their wounds. One hundred years have passed and Link has reawakened into a new world terrorized by the Calamity Ganon. Our Light, our Hero must now regain his memory and search for the mighty blade once more and restore peace to Hyrule once again.

------ Credits ------- 

3D printer and filament provided by my local Kauai Makerspace, while the modeling, clean up work, painting were done by your's truly :iconsolodarkblade:, pedestal was a duo work done by a Makerspace member who I shall not name under his wishes. Photography was done by my father!

Thank you for viewing!
Evolution of the Legendary Sword

Well, considering the fact that the Switch and Breath of the Wild is only a few more days away, I felt the need to make a picture somehow relating the game. So, I was like: Why not show the evolution of the Blade of Hylios? And so I did.


Fabricating this picture was fairly simply. I just posed the models into the proper sword guard stance and matched the lighting and camera angle. Rendered them and it was onto Photoshop. Like my previous BOTW inspired artwork, I used the pseudo gruach brush to make the background and whatnot. I used three different shades for each sword to achieve a keen depth to it. A simple yet effective process. After that, I drawed in the flame effect for the Full Powered blade, consisting of three layers that topple over another, each having a different pass through setting. In turn, the flame has a sort of depth to it in a sense.


The blade of Hylios, a sword of legend created by Elses himself. Meant for those with great purity and compassion, a sword to fend off any evil, be it monsters, dragons or even deities. Only two people have wield this mighty blade, Wyvern being the first and Nikolai being the second and current barer. 

When returned to its pedestal many centuries ago, the sword reduced to the purest form, the Tenshi Sword. Able to fend off any monsters, the equivalent of a silver sword. It's appearance chrome like polish that beams off the sunlight with ease.

Our Hero acquired this sword at the age of 15, at this time he was heavily inexperience but trained under Sir Theodore Kasshu, his ancestor from the days of old. Because of him, he became quite a swordsman, being able to fend off monsters scaling more than twenty meters. 

Placing the Sword into the Pedestal of Celor, it transformed into the Blade of Ryuu, gaining its dragon slayer ability once again. Thanks to his mentor on Celor, he was a force to be reckoned as long as he had a bow and this sword. Being the middle ground of the sword meant that its appearance was dull, having cracks in the hilt and deep cuts within the blade, a rubbish finish but still held off well.

Slaying the Serpent Tera, the final pedestal was discovered and the sword was restored. An insignia burned across the blade, representing our Hero's purity and compassion. A bright golden sword, fit for a legend to become. The Blade of Hylios also regained all three attributes, making for a deadly weapon to carry.

As his magic strength grew stronger through the years, the Sword now had the ability to activate it's full powered form. Hylios' mighty flame now courses through the blade, making him an unstoppable foe. Nothing can stand in our Hero's way.

In a sense, the sword and him are one, growing with each other as the years pass by.


Majority of the base models are from :iconmoogleoutfitters:, whereas the textures were edited by your's truly :iconsolodarkblade:. Accessories like the swords, shields, gauntlet/vambrace, hair(Right models) and tablet where 3D modeled by me as well.
Splash that salt
My dad's a chef, we both find Salt Bae funny. 

So, I decided to make this with dat OC Solo. 

This is a new outfit I recently updated, and was doing another scene with him and while I was posing him around, the thought of this meme came to mind. T'was pretty easy to pose together, especially with the new hands I slapped on, and makin' the salt was even easier. Huehue. 

Anywho, armor plates and bracelet were made by me :iconsolodarkblade: while everything else was heavily modified or retextured XPS models I downloaded here on DA, mostly from :iconmoogleoutfitters: 
Farewell, my dearest Knight
Been wanting to do this scene for a while but wasn't too sure on how I'd execute it up until today. Had to refit my princess into her Queen appearance before even doing this scene. But once I did, I put it all together.

I've had this castle scenery for a few months now but didn't feel right to use it because lot of chunks of the model were missing due to the in-game memory space limitation. Decided to fix a bit of those problems and, grass looks better and seamless while certain rock formations were filled in and remapped. There were originally bushes in this model but they were giving me problems due to how they were constructed, after trying to fix 'em, I decided to remove them completely. Looks better without them honestly. 

For those wondering, the castle scenery is from Mario Kart 8, it's Hyrule Castle. I got it from the Model-Resources and stuffs.

Anyway, majority of the components of Lyra and Solo are from :iconmoogleoutfitters: with the exception of a few things modeled by myself. Obviously I retextured various things to meet my OC's design. 

Solo Kasshu and Lyra of Rul belong to me! :iconsolodarkblade:

[Story time!]

After returning from slaying the vile Serpent Tera of Yarg, Solo decides that it is time to return to his family in Fiore. Princess Lyra who is now the Queen tries to convince our Hero to stay beside her in their country. He declined and promises her that he'll return one day, awaiting her warm welcome. Saddened by the answer, she accepts this promise and bids farewell to the Dragon Knight of Lyra, hoping for him to return as soon as possible.

Pueeni and him take steed and gallop away to their destination. The Queen takes watch at the tip of the castle, following him until he no longer was visible to the eye. Her beloved companion leaves her side, leaving her all alone in the vast land of Rul...


Solodarkblade's Profile Picture
Solo Kasshu
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello~ Welcome to my DA, names, James Leonardo. Here you'll find art of my OC, Solo Kasshu, who I've been developing for over three years now. But, recently I've been developing another character, Ray Axle. I haven't gotten a chance to write his bio down and all but I'll get there eventually. I use the two, to role play on Facebook, so if you are a LITERATE Role Player who is familiar with Fairy Tail, send me a note about it and I will send you the link the RP page.

In the past year of 2016, I've been working on nothing but meshmods through Blender 3D. All of these modified models are all meant for Solo/Nikolai's story. Majority of the renders I create are basic, so I keep them in private, but occasionally I'll make scenes and post them here.

I also cosplay whenever I can. (Which usually happens around Halloween.) But I usually build props with whatever I have. I occasionally customize some figures into so-and-so.

I love me some video games and current obsession is Final Fantasy XV, former was Witcher III. All time favorite franchise is the Legend of Zelda.



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